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Can Dieting Help You Lose Belly Fat?

The biggest problem area for most dieters is the belly which helps create a common misconception that you can "target" specific areas of your body to lose fat.

Despite all the commercials you've seen, the human body just doesn't work that way.

Genetics Decides Which Fat Is Burned First

Some people are more likely to store excess body fat in their belly, others in the hips, etc.

You can't reverse your genetics, but you can influence them. But not the way you think. It's simply not possible to "target" a specific area for fat loss.

It's possible to target and isolate specific muscle groups, but fat doesn't work that way.

So if you're fifty pounds overweight, doing thousands of sit-ups everyday won't reduce your belly fat faster. It will build the muscle under the fat, but you can't target specific fat stores.

The Most Effective Way To Lose Belly Fat

You can't control which fat areas are reduced the fastest, but you can influence whether or not those fat stores are retained or removed.

If the belly is a problem area, you tell your body to keep burning fat - without stopping - until that belly fat is removed.

You use your behavior (diet and exercise) to tell your body it needs to remove excess body fat. And your genetics will decide which fat stores are burned through first.

So don't get discouraged if you're burning fat on your legs, but not your belly. It just means the belly fat is further down the genetic list of fat stores to be removed.

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