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Does A Low Carb Diet Work?

When trying to lose weight in a short time frame most will at least consider a low carb diet. So does it work? The answer for most of those dieters will be "kind of".

The Low Carb Theory

It's important to note the difference between a low carb diet and a NO carb diet. Something like Atkins is more of a no carb diet, meaning you'll be very restrictive with your carb intake.

Here's the skinny on low carb diets: Your body needs fuel to function. Fuel can only come from carbs or fat (food or on your body). When you restrict your carb intake, your body still needs fuel.

So the only fuel available is on your body. That's what it burns to fuel your movement and exercise. So that's the theory. And in theory it works.


And most don't tell you this - there's a massive downside.

Your Body Goes Into Shock

You're burning through body fat, but while this is happening your body is trying to understand your behavior. It's used to a steady flow of fuel through food and when that doesn't happen it begins to panic.

It interprets your behavior like you're in an environment with absolutely NO carbs. It thinks you'll never eat carbs again. So it defends itself to ensure survival.

How does it defend itself?

It's waiting for the first intake of carbs. The first hint of carbs in your system will ALL be stored as fat, because your body now thinks it needs to stockpile energy for future use.

If you ever have one of those "bad days", where you breakdown and have that piece of chocolate cake... your body will instantly store all those carbs as body fat so that it doesn't run out of fuel.

That's why most no carb diets give instant success, but will crash and leave you with more body fat in a few months.

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