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Getting Ripped In 90 Days

Every year, as summer nears everyone wants to get into swimsuit shape and start shredding off their body fat. While it's possible to lose a large amount of body fat in a short amount of time, it requires a lot of dedication and diet discipline.

High Volume Cardio

If your goal is to get as ripped as possible in a short amount of time you'll have to prioritize your workouts to include high volume cardio days. Can you get ripped without doing grueling cardio work?

Yeah, it's possible but not the most efficient path. You need to force your body to burn off as much excess energy as possible and you can't do that through weight lifting alone.

If you're serious about getting ultra lean, then you'll want to schedule days where you have two or three cardio workouts spread throughout the day. Running in the morning, cycling in the afternoon and some high intensity plyometrics in the evening will shred the calories and fat off your body.

Your body will have no choice but to burn through calories. If you start a bigger cardio workload, you may want to start consuming a protein shake immediately after the workout to help preserve muscle mass.

Low Carb Diet

You'll want to eat just enough carbs to fuel your workouts and nothing else. Imagine yourself as a machine that needs fuel for power and movement. If you consume too much fuel (carbohydrates) it will be stored on your body for later use which is not what you want.

You're trying to burn off the excess energy stored on your body right now. Some people get carried away, and completely eliminate all carbs from their diet while also adding high cardio days.

You may be able to get through one or two workouts, but you'll soon realize how little energy you have. You won't be able to finish workouts because you'll feel exhausted or you'll only be half trying and not burning all the calories you could.

The carbs you do eat should be complex carbohydrates with very few of your calories coming from simple carbs. Anything that's been prepared with white flour like cookies, cake, or other sugary foods should be completely eliminated.

Using Supplements

There isn't a magic bullet that's been invented to shred all the body fat without making major exercise and diet adjustments. Regardless of which supplements you choose to use, their success and failure will ultimately reside with your willingness to exercise and your discipline to follow a diet.

Taking diet or fat burning pills without exercising and watching your calories will prove fruitless and expensive. Also keep in mind that most diet supplements have a heavy dose of caffeine that effects people in different ways.

Diet supplements with caffeine as a primary ingredient often leave people feeling jittery, with an elevated heart beat and can contribute to trouble sleeping.

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