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How To Ge A Bikini Body

Does anyone know how to get a bikini body in six weeks? Is it even possible?

While there are methods and techniques available to drop 10-20 pounds very quickly, those tricks are usually short lived. To get the weight off and keep you need to address your long term eating habits and the type of exercises you're doing.

How To Control Body Fat

When you're trying to lose weight and facing an uphill battle it's important to start with your state of mind. To this point, as with most people, food may be viewed as a form of entertainment.

Let's be honest, people enjoy eating good food. The problem begins when you enjoy eating good (fattening) foods in excess of your energy needs.

And that's the starting point. Before you begin to get the fat off, you have to stop the fat from accumulating.

Food is fuel. That's what it is. Despite what we've been taught or want to believe, food is fuel. We need it to function and prevent systemic shutdown due to lack of resources.

You need to shift your thinking away from food as a source of entertainment and towards a source of fuel.

So if you're consuming 4,000 calories a day, but your daily caloric need to support your activities is only 2,500 calories that's a major problem.

You don't need to be exact with your caloric needs versus intake, but you do need to be in the right time zone. It may be tempting to slash all your calories in one day, but it's been proven to be more successful by scaling your calories down to where it should be.

If you're 2,000 calories over what you need, start reducing calorie intake by 100-200 per week. That may not seem like a lot but over the course of several weeks and months you'll reach your target in a more tolerable diet adjustment.

How To Burn Body Fat

I wish there was a non-surgical way to target specific areas of body fat so you can zap away the zones you hate the most. Unfortunately, it isn't possible. I know you see lots of commercials trying to sell you some odd contraption that promises to melt all the fat off your belly in six weeks but it's not true.

While it's possible to lose a significant amount of body fat in six weeks, it's not possible to target one area. Those commercials are just preying on your most hated areas to sell their sit-up machines.

Losing body fat is a process that involves the entire body. Not one area. Sit ups, while strengthening your abs and core, do NOT target the fat on the belly. Your body doesn't work that way.

To get the fat off you have to elevate your heart rate to the point where calories start to burn. At that point your body and DNA will dictate which fat stores are eliminated first.

Good cardio exercises include running, fast paced walking, swimming, and bicycling. Anything and everything that gets your heart pumping is good cardio and burns through a tremendous amount of calories.

Just going through the motions with pushing yourself isn't good enough. If you don't feel your heart racing, if it isn't elevated then what you're doing isn't going to help.

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