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How To Get A Flat Belly

If you're starting a new diet your number one goal is most likely how to get a flat belly. Are there secret exercises that you've never heard about. Do you have to starve to get a flat belly?

The Truth About Sit Ups

When you think about a flat sculpted stomach you instantly start to think about all the sit ups you'll need to do. Thousands, right? It's a common misconception that sit ups will make your belly flat. It doesn't.

Sit-ups are just another form of resistance training designed to build and strengthen muscle. Only in this case you're using body weight for resistance instead of weight plates.

If you already have a flat belly, sit ups would be excellent for firming up and building the ab muscles so they're more prominent. But if you have a thick layer of belly fat, sit-ups are not going to help get what you want.

Yes, it will strengthen your core and make other exercises easier. But will doing 100 sit-ups a day flatten your belly if you're 50 pounds overweight?

No. All it will do is make you frustrated. You'll be building muscles on your abs but because sit-ups are not cardio, meaning it doesn't burn a lot of calories, you're not going to see the muscles. So you could spend countless hours doing sit-ups and not see any visible results.

The only way to flatten your belly successfully is to get rid of the layer of fat around your stomach. You have to use exercises that are designed to burn off fat, not build muscle.

Running, bicycling, tennis, basketball, and any other sport that gets your heart racing will burn off calories. It's important to remember that you can't target your belly fat. You can only influence your body's entire fat burning system which will then remove fat from the stomach area.

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