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How To Get Better Abs

Who doesn't want to know how to get better abs? Ask anyone in a gym if they want to have washboard abs and you'll get an overwhelming response.

It's sexy, and it's one of the more desired fitness looks.

Do Ab Machines Work?

There are literally dozens of different products advertised on television promising to sculpt your abs with a new exercise machine. They all seem to offer a new and unique way to do situps without actually doing a sit up.

So do they work? Yes, and no.

Yes they work your abs and core and build the muscle, but what they don't do is burn off the fat. So you could use one of these ab machines and build a strong core, but you won't actually see your abs because there's too much body fat covering them.

So yes, they build your abs but no they won't help you see your abs if you have excess body fat on your belly.

Core Exercises

If you don't want to spend extra money on a new ab machine there are more conventional and free methods to build your core. There are several variations of sit ups you can do but there are also activities that stress your core and help build abs.

Yoga, doesn't seem that hard if you've never done it but the first time you try you'll soon realize the tension and stress you place on your core and abs. You're trying to hold poses that require your abs to flex. While it's not a high intense workout, it is very effective at strengthening your core.

Burn The Fat Off

To get better abs you have to burn the fat off. There aren't any exceptions. It doesn't matter how often or how intense your workouts are. You could build the strongest most muscular abs in the world but you won't be able actually see them if they're covered with fat.

To get the fat off you need to get your heart pumping with cardio. The harder your heart is pumping the more calories you're burning. It may be "easier" to take a leisurely stroll, and it is technically cardio, but unless your heart is pumping a lot of blood you aren't burning many calories.

Excellent forms of fat burning cardio include running, bike riding, swimming, soccer, boxing and basketball.

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