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I Need To Lose Weight Fast

If you need to lose weight fast it's important to prioritize diet changes and exercises to accomplish your goal. Making changes with long term benefits are helpful but should not override changes needed to drop weight fast.

How Fast Is Fast?

Everyone has a different definition of how fast they want to lose weight. Some people have an event coming up and need to drop 10-20 pounds in weeks or months, while others consider three to six months to be fast depending on the amount of weight to lose.

With any goal, it's important to define what you want to accomplish and the time frame desired. You'll want to pick a time period that is not only reasonable, but meshes well with your schedule.

If you only have to weeks to lose ten pounds, you'll need to exercise daily to accomplish that goal. Telling yourself you need to exercise an hour everyday, when you know your schedule won't allow it is pointless.

Set yourself up for success by framing your goal within what you're willing to do, and the time you have to do it.

Changes To Your Diet

If you're in the position of needing to lose weight fast, you have to accept that you'll need to make big changes. You can't make drastic body changes in a short amount of time without making significant diet changes.

It would be great if you could keep eating what you've always been eating and still lose a lot of weight but that's not possible.

The more time you have to reach your goal, the more options you have when it comes to changing your diet. For instance if you have six months to lose weight you can scale the changes little by little. Reducing calories and removing unhealthy food types in small portions each week.

If you have only a few weeks, you'll need to make most diet adjustments from the first day you start your new goal. Some changes you can make that have a huge impact on your body composition include reducing or removing the following foods:

Exercises To Lose Weight Fast

To lose weight fast you need to burn calories fast, there's no way around it. So if your primary goal for the next few weeks is to drop as much body fat as possible you'll want to prioritize your cardio workouts, and reduce your strength training workouts.

Building muscle is important for long term goals, and added muscle tone is a desired look but strength training is not designed to burn high amounts of calories.

Building muscle and burning fat require different types of exercises. So if your time is limited make sure you do activities focused on helping you accomplish your primary goal.

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