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Two Reasons Why Most Diets Fail

Every year millions of people try a new diet, but most will fail to reach their desired goals. Below are two reasons most diets will fail.

The Diet Is Too Strict

Most fad diets will fall into this category. A low carb diet, for example, is very effective as long as you stay below a carb intake of less than 20 grams per day. Which, for most people, is not realistic. If you have one slice of bread your diet is wrecked.

It also leads to continued binge eating. If your diet is too strict, not only will it leave you in a constant state of hunger, you'll also feel deprived. A very destructive combination.

Strict diets can also become unhealthy. If your body goes too long without carbs needed for energy you'll experience weakness, headaches and other feelings of sickness.

Even if a strict diet is successful at shedding a little body fat, it can be difficult to endure for long periods of time because of health concerns.

Not Enough Progress

Every diet will hit what's known as a "dieting plateau". That's just a fancy way of saying your body understands what you're doing (restricting calories) and has adapted.

When you start a diet your body will burn fat for calories until it learns your behavior, usually three to four weeks. Once your body adapts, the diet is no longer effective.

You can continue to starve yourself without losing additional body fat because your body has adapted to your calorie intake so there's no need to burn through excess fat stores.

What does all that mean?

Eventually your diet will lose effectiveness and your progress will come to a screeching halt. You'll then reach the conclusion that there's no point starving yourself if you aren't losing any more weight.

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