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Take a risk free tour of the Burn The Fat System. Full chapter by chapter analysis, with hints and tips to boost your progress.

How To Improve Muscle Tone

A lean, well defined physique, with good muscle tone is sexy. It's a look that most people want to attain.

Do Carbs Make You Fat?

Every decade there is something new to vilify when it comes to being overweight and body fat. Often, it's advertisers finding a new way for you to buy their products.

Getting Ripped In 90 Days

Every year, as summer nears everyone wants to get into swimsuit shape and start shredding off their body fat.

How To Get Thinner Thighs

If you want to get thinner thighs it's important to avoid food and activities that can actually make it worse.

Lose Belly Fat For Men

What are the best tips to lose belly fat for men? Do you have to get all girly and eat nothing but lettuce and celery, or is there a man method to getting a trimmer waist?

I Need To Lose Weight Fast

If you need to lose weight fast it's important to prioritize diet changes and exercises to accomplish your goal.

The Benefits Of Yoga

Who doesn't want to know how to get better abs? Ask anyone in a gym if they want to have washboard abs and you'll get an overwhelming response.

How To Get Better Abs

Who doesn't want to know how to get better abs? Ask anyone in a gym if they want to have washboard abs and you'll get an overwhelming response.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

What is intermittent fasting and how does it work? The theory behind intermittent fasting has been clinically studied for decades but has only recently gained a wider acceptance among athletes and every day dieters.

Are Carbs Bad For You?

Are carbs bad for you? I'm having trouble losing weight and everyone is telling me I'm eating too many carbs.

Why Am I Retaining Water?

I think a lot of my bloating and extra weight is from water, so why am I retaining water and should I take a supplement to get rid of it?

How To Get A Bikini Body

Does anyone know how to get a bikini body in six weeks? Is it even possible? While there are methods and techniques available to drop 10-20 pounds very quickly, those tricks are usually short lived.

Can You Target Fat Loss?

Can you target fat loss to strip it off a certain area of your body? Trainers may tell you certain exercises target fat but are they wrong?

How To Get A Flat Belly

If you're starting a new diet your number one goal is most likely how to get a flat belly. Are there secret exercises that you've never heard about?

I Want Bigger Biceps

If you're trying to add muscle because you want bigger biceps it's important to use a plan that will maximize your results.

How To Lose Weight Faster

People often go to extremes when it comes to dieting without realizing the effects it will have on your weight loss plan. Read two important tips on how to lose weight faster.

Why Aren't I Losing Weight?

Dieters can sometimes struggle with the dreaded "Why aren't I losing weight" question even if they're following their diet.

How To Avoid Weight Lifting Injury

You may not give injury prevention much thought, but knowing how to avoid weight lifting injury can be the difference between achieving your goals and being confined to a bed while you recover.

Can I Lose 30 Pounds In 30 Days?

If you're overweight to the point of major health concerns you may be considering drastic measures to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. But is it safe?

How To Burn The Fat Off

If you don't know how to burn the fat off, and keep it off, you're likely to suffer months of frustration.

The Truth About Low Fat And Low Carb Diets

Losing body fat can be a difficult task, especially if you don't have a good understanding of how a low fat or low carb diet effects your body.

Can Dieting Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Belly fat is a problem for many dieters, but a common misconception about how your body burns fat can leave many discouraged and derail your progress.

Does A Low Carb Diet Work?

Strict no carb diets are great in theory but difficult to apply. If you ever have a bad day, it can wreck weeks or months of dieting.

Two Reasons Why Most Diets Fail

Most people start a new diet with enthusiasm and high hopes. But a large majority of those people will fail and quit their new diet within 30 days. Read two reasons why most diets fail.

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle - FAQ

The most frequently asked questions by dieters starting the popular dieting program created by Tom Venuto.

Foods That Turn To Fat: Bonus Book 1

You receive several bonus books with Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle and one is called: Foods That Turn To Fat.

You'll get a list of foods that your body quickly turns to fat. It's just the way your body works. If you digest a certain type of food, or a certain mix of calories, it sends signals to STORE THIS AS FAT.

To get immediate results, and start benefiting right away, it is recommended to read through this bonus book as soon as you get it. You'll soon start to recognize mistakes you've made in the past, and why you went through spurts of significant weight gain.

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