Chapter By Chapter Review Of Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

"Maybe I'll always be fat..."

It's a self defeating statement that's all too common. You look around at your family, take note of your genetics and reach the conclusion that there's nothing you can do. You're supposed to be fat.

It's not true.

You don't need to alter your genetics to be thin and healthy, you just have to know how to alter your behavior, the right way.

Do you know the sad truth of a Yo-Yo diet?

If you've ever tried a fad diet you most likely experienced initial success only to gain ALL of the weight back plus ten pounds.

Do you know why that happened?

You've probably heard of a yo-yo diet, but you may not understand why it happens. The reason you were unsuccessful is because diets are counter productive to the way the human body is meant to function.

When you start a diet, your body thinks it's being starved. So, yes, initially your body burns excess body fat to survive.

But guess what? Your body has developed an amazing ability to adapt over thousands of years. How do you think your body adapts to starvation? Yup, that's right


If you ever go off that fad diet your body defends itself from future starvation by adding body fat. That's why you ALWAYS gain weight after a diet.

The only way you can successfully, and permanently lose body fat is by avoiding that starvation period caused by dieting.

How Tom Venuto's Guide Works

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle isn't a fad diet. It isn't a diet at all, so there's NO STARVATION.

No Starvation = No Yo-You Effect = No Weight Gain

Tom explains with easy to understand, step-by-step advice how bodybuilders and fitness models use their bodies ability to adapt to Burn Fat.

He details every little secret used by fitness professionals and the hollywood elite to stay ultra lean. Have you ever seen a professional bodybuilder and wonder how they get so lean?

It's because they Don't Diet.

Here's a detailed outline of Tom Venuto's Guide, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle:

Chapter 1-2: Why Conventional Diets Fail And Setting Goals

Most diets fail because they're counter productive to how our bodies are meant to function. If you've ever tried a prolonged or fad diet only to gain the weight back plus 10 pounds, this chapter will help you understand why you were unsuccessful.

Tom Venuto also reveals the impact diets have and why a low calorie diet is actually a precursor to future weight gain.

Goal Setting Tip: Establish goals and expectations that you consider the pinnacle of success. The higher your goals the more you'll achieve. Don't settle on moderate success.

Chapters 3-6: Body Composition, Metabolism, Charting Progress

There are clearly people who are genetically gifted with a fast metabolism, but what can you do if you aren't one of the chosen few?

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle helps identify your body type and metabolism and offers specific advice to speed up your metabolism to burn more fat.

You'll also learn the proper method to chart progress to help identify your best and most efficient path to success.

Chapters 7-9: Secrets Of Meal Frequency, Carbs And Fats

A dominant trend over the past two decades sent dieters into a "fat free" frenzy. Dieters consumed either low fat or no fat, all day long. But what happened over the past two decades? Dieters got substantially fatter.

Over that same period of time, bodybuilders and fitness models have perfected the use of meal frequency to achieve an ultra lean appearance.

Tom Venuto teaches you how to optimize meal frequency, carbs, and fat intake to help jump start your metabolism.

Carb Tip: No carb diets are body fat time bombs waiting to explode. If you're on a no carb diet right now, re-introduce carbs slowly or you'll pay dearly.

Chapters 10-11: Protein And Carb Confusion

When you examine the leanest athletes in the world you'll find something in common: They all share the same philosophy on protein consumption.

Using his personal bodybuilding experience (less than 6% body fat), the author helps you understand how advanced athletes use protein and carb intake to transform the human body into a natural fat burner.

Chapters 12: How To Get As Lean As A Bodybuilder Or Fitness Model

There are secrets among the fitness and bodybuilding elite that aren't printed in magazines.

If you've ever hit a dieting plateau, and just couldn't get rid of that last 10 pounds, you'll understand why. Like most, the plateau you reached was likely followed by a regression and weight gain soon after.

This chapter gives you an inside look at the secrets and strategies used by the most advanced athletes you see in magazines.

Review Note: Best chapter in the book. While most people hit a plateau and regress, bodybuilders and fitness models use these techniques to avoid or break through fat loss plateaus.

Chapters 13-17: Meal Plans, Cardio And Weight Training

It's not a subtle message the author sends you: There are plans and then there are fat burning plans.

Tom Venuto's approach to training and cardio is no different. You could be punishing yourself with 60 minutes of cardio everyday without getting the maximum fat burning results.

A full compliment of meal plans, cardio regiments and weight training programs geared towards fat burning are inlcuded in the final chapters.

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